46 cm

Sorry for my absence, I just don't feel like postning anything, but it was such a long time ago since I posted anything here at all so lets go! Much has happened, but it's hard to review things that aren't actual now, therefore I will tell you about the grande things, okay? Okay. Good.

One of the thing was that I cut my hair. I cut 46 cm of my hair and I'm donating it for medical purposes. Most of the people around me gave me compliments (and thank you) but I actually don't really care since I didn't cut my hair for these reasons. I cut it for me and for someone who's sick and don't have any hair.

How do you feel with your new hairstyle? Awesome, never had this much freedom on my head, haha.


Hellooo! Heh, okay, so 3 weeks has passed by and I haven't posted anything, at all! Shame on me, haha. Well, most of the time I was sick and had a lot of finals in school so I guess I don't need to say much more, except for that yesterday was my biiirthdaay! I'm freaking seventeen! Time waits for no one, and it's running fast as hell. Kinda scary and exciting, but anyway. Since yesterday(as well as the last 2 weeks) I was sick, had fever and headache I couldn't celebrate my birthday in full. I stayed at home all day in my pajamas. Sound beautiful, right? Hah, so I'm planning to celebrate it somehow as fast as I'll feel better. My bestfriend didn't mind though, she surprised me with a cake and a beautiful sports bra from VS since she just came from Orlando. Soo cute! I know it would be good if I'd show you some pics from yesterday, but they'll come up here on my blog as soon as I'll get the rest of my gifts.
Instead, I'll show my "lastnightwasmybirthday" vegan breakfast. Not bad, not bad.. ;)
Btw, if you wanna make some of your own, it's pretty simple. All you need is an ice cream scoop, a watermelon and a couple of kiwi fruits. Cut your melon into halfs, use your scoop to make watermelon balls, place them in a bowl and peel your kiwi as you cut them into slices and halve the slices. Put everything in your watermelon bowl and have your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Take advantage while you can

I mean my hair, hah, no big deal. I'm having a day off today (obviously) and I decided to play around with my hair a bit. Feels like I need to cut it, it has come to that stage where I need to hold my hair up every time I powder my nose, if you know what I mean.
My new top fro Kappahl.

24 hours of summer

Good evening blog! Today was as if one day from June was moved to April. Well, okey.. Not to exaggerate, but it was such a sunny and relatively warm day. I even wore my Toms for the first time!
I met Sara and we had so much fun in the sunny weather. In summary we went to a park, to the shopping center and then took a food break in town. Such an amazing day to spend with friends outside.

First outdoor run

Good morning amigos! I have been so busy all the time! Just kidding, I was busy eating all of the food, haha. You did not just read that.

It's thursday and easter holidays, the weather is beauuutiful! It has been this sunny all week, so yesterday I went out for a run. My first outdoor run, since I'm always running a lot indoor. But anyway, okey, I did not get any better. Last summer I used to be much better than this, it used to be 7k in 30 minutes. Yesterday I got 35 minutes.. bruuuh, it was 100 years ago since last time. Yes, that's my excuse.


Save the planet! Never eat meat again! Just kidding, I could never give up on meat. I love meat! I love the chewy consistency of real meat! But in order to be a little more gentle to the planet, at leeeast you can eat half-vegetarian. Or maybe just try it, sometimes. That's what I did the other day. It wasn't that bad, pretty good actually!
All you need is:
1 minced chickenbreast
1 egg
240 g canned, drained beans of any sort (I used mixed beans)
1 dl or a little less than half a cup of flour of any sort (I used corn flour)
½ onion
+ flavouring of any sort (I used a lot of cumin, black pepper, chili, apple cider vinegar etc)
Just mash and mix together all of these ingridients and form whatever you wanna form. And fry in some kind of oil (I used coconut oil). HOPE YOU'LL LIKE IT! :D


I have wanted to buy these since a long time ago. Unfortunately, these "pieces of fabric" are very expensive, too expensive for their look, so therefore I didn't let myself buy them, until now. One can say that I'm a little broke right now, haha. But seriously though, I'm happy with them. I'm wearing them all the time, all around the house for three good reasons: to soften them a bit, because they look fantastic and because they are comfy as heaveeen! And guess what?! This is totally off topic but it's good news. Ice age has begun. It's april in a week and it's snowing outside!! Last year I wore sho.. never mind. Don't even get me started. Take me to Italy or I'm done with this world, hahah.

When you get a day off

Hi folks! :D :D The reason behind this break was because my blogapp didn't work and it still doesn't, so I couldn't post anything from my phone. Maybe a bad excuse, I dunno. I was simply busy. But today I have a day off and can finally post something here. Much has happened since I posted someting here, but I'll try to be as organized as possible. Briefly me and my family celebrated 8th of mars and my cousin's birthday. I have had a LOT of exams and last but not least: I went on a competition with my cheerteam last weekend. I will post more details about interesting things later. Hahah, okay maybe not soo interesting, but you know.. gotta post something.. :d
We can start with 8th of mars. My dad bought white roses to every female in our family. So sweet. But I would like to have a dumbbell, money or pizza instead. Hahaha. No but seriously though, I didn't expect anything but that doesn't mean I don't dream. ;) I think it was a sunday if I'm not completely way off, and I spent the morning outside trying to get used to my cruiser. And in the afternoon I had practice.
And how can I forget to mention that I had lyxury breakfast? ;)
This is pretty cool. I found this so-called "grafitti" with the name of my team on a shed. :D

Welcome spring

I am angry. I just wrote a novel and everything disappeared. Unicorns, rainbows, flowers, berries, sun. I'm just thinking of good things and trying not to be angry.

What I wrote was that it was snowing for god's sake! But today's oficially spring! I just can't put it together. Anyway. Goodnight. And welcome spring.

Oh, and my pictures don't want to upload either. Thanks dear phone, I see u like me today..


Throwback to when we had sportsday in school exactly one year ago. Next sportsday is on tuesday. Good timing, huh? It's so cute that schools in Sweden think we should exercise once a year...
Btw, I look soooo small here. Just like a 10 year old, hahah. ^_^


Evelina Kholod is my name and I'm 16 years old. I was born in Belarus and came to Sweden as a 3 year old. I have also lived in Norway, and in several other cities in Sweden. Throughout my childhood I have moved from one city to another. In my spare time I train cheerleading, which is my biggest love right now. In this blog I write about what I have on the heart, especially fashion and cheerleading. I dream of traveling around the world, and compete in the World Cheerleading Championships.

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