Hi all. Where do I start? So much have gone by since I wrote anything here. Like for example; my hair has grown, haha no, just kidding(it has though). Okay, but for real. Halloween is a good example of things that has passed, so let me just review a little about it as it was recently(one fucking month ago, but ok!) One of the things that I like the most about my school is that the students(and the teachers) are always so dedicated to everything they do. Like for example almost every student and teacher came to school dressed up for halloween. And not just a minor dress up, no. We are talking contacts, bodypaint, sacrificed clothing, days of planning and some didn't even eat lunch because they had glued their mouths together for the sake of halloween. I made a photo collage of some of my classmates(I don't own the pictures though).
Go ahead and guess which one of the the teacher is. ;)

Amnesty against abortion ban

Hi there! As you probably may not know I have joined Amnesty along with my friends where we work for human rights, mainly by colleting signatures and writing letters. We also started an amnesty group in my school and since we already are an amnesty school, it was a lot easier to get started because we have amazing teachers to help!
Yesterday we held a campaign at my school where we focused on collecting signatures against the abortion ban i Ireland. While some might think that one signature won't change anything, together we might change something.
"She was raped. Now she’s pregnant. And each day that the pregnancy continues reminds her of the horror she went through. Still, Irish law says she has to carry on.
She needs an abortion, but she is not allowed one in Ireland. Instead, she is forced to leave the country – if she can travel.  If she stays and tries to have an abortion in Ireland, she is threatened with a 14-year jail term.
She is not a criminal. She has a human right to an abortion." - Amnesty
And we got 300 students and teachers to sign the petition in only one hour, which is a pretty good number for my little school.
Tattoos that says "min kropp, mina rättigheter" which means "my body, my right". And also, maybe me and Ala look a little bit too happy for this subject..
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Things I do when I don't study

..then I put on more make-up on my face than Nicki Minaj does in her entire life.
and the other side:

We're all in the same hell, just different devils

The devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns, he comes as everything you've ever wished for - unknown
Hello! Such a good start on the post right, haha. But I like it(the quote). The quote and picture are so fitting for today because I think I just had one of the saddest days of my life, but at the same time not at all, because the bad came from the good. If you know what I mean, do you? - I was so socially awkward today. Looked like a retarted on my bike. I was listening to music, thinking about my future and what I want to do with my life, and I want to do SO MUCH(like we all do, right) but it feels like I'm just waiting(for what? I don't know) AND it's like one week of summerfreedom left, because.... school. That's when the sadness hit me, and washed away the good post I wanted to write today, haha..

If I were a witch

Welcome back to my second episode of "If I were"! Haha, just kiddin. Lately I've discovered and fallen in love with some awesome effects on my editor, as mentioned. There, I can make myself into a witch, vampire, elf, etc and I LOOOOVE it! Obiously I'm just a beginner but I think that it's so fun to play around with pictures. This time I made myself into a witch with a magic potion.

A diary from an unknown world

Hello! I just thought about you for a second. Yes you. During the time when I didn't blog(last month) my viewers decreased dramatically but I see some of you were still here daily hoping that I'll post something and I just wanted to say thank you because you didn't give up on my blog, haha. It's gonna be a long way back but I gotta work my way up again.
And also I want to share a tip and a part of my routine for you. Lately I bought an empty book where I "store my dreams". Every morning after I wake up I spend some time in my bed to write down the dream or dreams I had(if I had some, of course). I noticed that by doing that I started to know myself better and because for me dreams is magic, they're unsolved mysteries which make me shake out of curiosity. It's like a diary from an unknown world.
Maybe someday I'll share a dream of mine with you.
Book from Akademibokhandeln

DIY aloe vera water

Hi there. I'm back with a superlicious, hydrating and fresh recipie. I really like to sip on smoothies and teas, but now I'll start to sip on a homemade aloe vera water, because it's amazing! Here are a few benefits of aloe vera: it's detoxifying, excellent for digestion, supports the immune system, reduces acne, etc. So that's why we'll make this today. :D
You'll need an aloe vera plant. Don't you worry about cutting the plant, aloe vera is healing itself just like it's healing you. You' ll also need a mixer of some sort.
1. Cut off a piece of the aloe vera plant and cut the piece open with a sharp knive
2. Simply spoon out the gel and put it in a jar
3. Pour some water into the jar(you can use how much you desire to, I used a 1:1 ratio)
4. This is the important part. Now you need to mix the mixture in a food processor, mixer, blender or a high speed beater(otherwise the aloe vera will separate from the water). I used my beater because I like it when the aloe vera pieces aren't completely dissolved, but floating around as small pieces in the water, just like it's when you buy it from the store
5. This one is my favorite part. Here you'll choose your flavoring. It's optional of course, but I strongly recommend to flavor your water with some fresh fruit. Aloe vera doesn't taste that much by itself. I used half of a grape fruit
6. Put your magic in a jar with some ice and enjoy!

If I were a vampire + Q&A

Hello! So I found a vampire-effect on my editor so I decided to try it, and hooly cow, I want to be a vampire in my next life because if this is what a vampire looks like, then I goddamn sure want to be a vampire, haha!
Question: "Jag vill färga håret rött med henna men vart finns det för fysiska butiker att handla henna hårfärg eller den som du använde?" I got a question about the henna I use for my hair and where to find a "physical" store to buy it.
Answer: I buy my henna in a health-store called "life". You can find it literally everywhere. In Nordstan, Angered, Linne, etc. This link will help you find a store near you.

You can only blame yourself

Hello everybody! Today's post is running a little late(or yesterday's post depending on how you see it). So, today my mom came home from her holidays(no one knows what the heck I'm talking about because I was absent from the blog for so long). But what happened was that my family went to northen Sweden on their holiday but I stayed here because.. well, I'm currently living in a collective and the goal is to stay away from my family as much as possible, so that wouln't make any sense if I'd join them, but the main reason is that I had the whole apartment for myself once I came home. That was freaking awesome! I played loud music every day, walked around half naked(because freedom is bareness, haha) and simply owned the whole place!
Anyway, back to the topic, the point was that once my mom came after being away for three weeks I realized how much I miss some people that mean something to me that I haven't met for so long. My cousins used to temporarily live in my apartment when I was younger(just over the summer and so on) and only now that they are gone(not dead, currently living in Belarus) I realize how much I miss them. I also miss some friends I have in London and in Lithuania.
I guess that's a bad property of mine. Okay maybe not bad, but not a good one either, but of course, as always it depends on who you are as a person, but I personally don't want to be dependent on something, right. Not gonna go into details now though, this post is already way too long and because I want to sleep! :D
As for the topic I collected some photos of mine throughout the years because I want to inspire you, but also myself. Because after all, the only thing we own is ourself.

To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible

Good evening everyone, I just came to leave a good vibe before I go to sleep, and remember; if you are not obsessed with the life you are living - change it.
Source: tumblr
Enjoy and good night


Evelina Kholod is my name and I'm 17 years old. I was born in Belarus and came to Sweden as a 3 year old. I have also lived in Norway, and in several other cities in Sweden. Throughout my childhood I have moved from one city to another. In my spare time I train cheerleading, which is my biggest love right now. In this blog I write about what I have on the heart, especially fashion and cheerleading. I dream of traveling around the world, and compete in the World Cheerleading Championships.

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