How I spend my weekends

Happy friday everybody! :D I've been very excited about this weekend. You may think it's funny how I can be so excited about my weekends since the only thing I do is studying. Studying and practicing cheer. Most of you (even though there isn't so many of you) must certainly be wondering how I am still alive after so many weekends with only studies. But I just don't find it funny going out every weekend, drinking and dancing until you puke, and then waking up in the afternoon without a single clue about what happened last night, and with headache on top of that. Why should I? Give me at least ONE good reason.
This friday, and the whole weekend overall have been so longed for because I don't get enough sleep during weekdays, so now I will at least get two nights of extra sleep. So that's one good thing. The other is that today is a day off for me. I don't wanna do any studies today, and I'm not doing it. I don't want to. I just wanna take a break, and I'll let myself do that! :D
It's too late to wish you a good day, so therefore I wish you all sweet dreams!

Time for renewal

I've been asking my dad to buy me a new phone for half a year now because my xperia U is just out of fashion. It's old, slow, small and heavy. In other words: I really did NOT like it.
And guess what?! My dad came in with this white, new samsung galaxy s5, and not only that. Also I got a cover and a screenprotection. Thanks to my sweet dad. :D
Also I wanna thank my sweet old xperia for holding out two years of beatings.


Hi! I don't have much to talk about today but a lot of things to do, so I'm just going to share the four latest pictures from the fabulous life of Evelina.
1.My breakfast the other day. Can be very interesting since many of you have been asking me to show what I eat. 2.I caught my brother in a picture on snapchat. 3.Cells of....? red onion of course! We examined cells and DNA of different types of plants the other day in school. 4.Ala drew herself, me and Sonyaa during a break in school. Credit to the famous artist Ala.

About the year summary

Speaking of "throwback thursday" I came upon that soon it's new year and I haven't even started to post my year summary yet! I remember that last year I "pressed together" the entires year's event in just four blog posts, and it resulted in loads of pictures and text lumped together in a mess, and I guess that's not very funny to read. So I came up with this idea to make twelwe summary posts - one post for every month. That will make the summary more detailed(even though summaries are supposed to cover only the biggest events) and organized. Furthermore I'm going to have more room for pictures. :D
Oh, yeah. I'm a genius, almost like Einstein, I know. :P

Music Monday

You know there is things like "throwback thursday" and "flashback friday" etc, so there must be something about monday too, right? Enough with boring mondays, let's call it "music monday". :D So from now on I will post about three(maybe more or less) of my favorite music videos every monday. You will get to know me a bit better at once.
Before you even hit the play button, I just wanna tell you that most of my friends don't like the type of music that I listen to, so you may not like it either, but anyway. You can always find songs of other genres than the ones you like. I'm a really good example. I listen to everything between electronic metal to RnB(sometimes). In other words: give it a try. ;)
I might have shared some of these songs before, I can't even remeber. But that doesn't matter because the "music monday thing" is new here on my blog, so let's just start from the beginning. :D

Makeup time o'clock

"I have a dream, that one day I will shut my PC down, and do all of my homeworks"
Hello guys! This saturday is wasted. I just wasted a whole day of stuDYING because I came up with this stupid idea to try out my new makeup that I bought in London, and I ended up taking a lot of selfies. *Crying*.
At least I learned how to apply makeup. Or maybe not completely, but it's good enough to be the first time. Now I have experience, after all. Well, you have to find the good in the bad, right? :D
"I'm just going to try it out", haha. The funniest thing I've said to myself.
And yes, I applied a dark filter to the photos because my camera defines me as a carrot, aka I was orange..

Latest tricks

You know what? I' ve been lying in bed for about 20 minutes, thinking about how I can start this blog post.. No time to waste, let's just start it like this. :D
Today I woke up sore and hungry as never before, because when I came home yesterday I did my stretching routine, as I and the other flyers in my team have to do on tuesdays. When I was in London, I didn't stretch at all so I was scared that I may have lost it, but I didn't. It just feels like I've been stuck like this for months, and soon we'll compete.
Here they are, my latest tricks. Scale to the left and scorp to the right, for you who don't know. I'm not showing my stretch though, it's too bad yet. And yes, I'm an ufo. :D

The little shop

Good night, I shall say. I don't usually blog so late, but because my teacher is sick and we only have two lessons on wednesdays, they cancelled the whole day, means that I'm off tomorrow and can stay up as late as I want! Mohaha. :D
Today we had a chill day in school. It started with some biology and then the other lesson was cancelled. We continued with some maths and on the last lesson we went to a cinema. This was not an ordinary schoolday so I just had to notice. Usually we don't even have time to breath, so many homeworks that we have!
So when me and my friend Ala was about to go home after the cinema, we noticed this cute english shop and literally, we fell in love with it. We acted as if we'd never been in a store before, haha, but really. It was cute!
I mean, look at how happy we were! ;)
These candies are made for me. I mean, look, even the package says it: "the ginger people".
And as always, a very serious one in the end.


Hello! You all know that I bought so many clothes in London, but you don't know how many. So therefore I have a lot of outfits to show, and so many combinations of them to show as well. Sorry for the horrible update, I have been so busy with school this week! But once in a while I will post outfits anyway. Trust me, I didn't sleep more than 4 hours a day this week, except for now, on the holy weekend.
You see, I'm not as angry as I look. ;)
And a wierd one as a bonus. :P

Be happyyyy

What If I told you that here I sit. In front of my computer with homework beside me. With a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of my favorite tea in my hands. With 3 examinations to do, with no sleep for a week. But with something that caught me so bad that I feel like the worlds happiest person on planet earth. (Maybe of the other planets as well.) Something called life. Because the older I grow, the more I experience, the more I realize that life is so much more than what I think, more than anyone can believe. (How can I even think that way when I just told you that no one can realize what is beyond "life"?) And why am I happy with a freaking bowl of oats in my hands? Because life is magic. Why are we here? We don't know, we have no conclusions nor proof. If I am a nanopart to the power of tera of the universe, then I don't believe anything is impossible. Then why should we waste this time not being happy for what we are. The time doesn't stop, so the rain will, and the rainbow will rise anyway. At some point, "now" will be gone and you will know that you have wasted this thing called "time". We all know that one day to another everything changes, we know that. So live now, and don't forget to be happy!! :D
And hello btw! This was just a summary of the day. I just felt to throw in a thought or two to help with the good in the bad. I finally did the math test today and it feels so good to get rid of all of the math stress. Now I only have about 99 problems left to worry about, haha. ;) No, just kidding. I gotta learn to not laugh at my own jokes..
And I haven't showed you yet! This is the class photo of the year. Not hard to find me, or?


Evelina Kholod is my name and I'm 16 years old. I was born in Belarus and came to Sweden as a 3 year old. I have also lived in Norway, and in several other cities in Sweden. Throughout my childhood I have moved from one city to another. In my spare time I train cheerleading, which is my biggest love right now. In this blog I write about what I have on the heart, especially fashion and cheerleading. I dream of traveling around the world, and compete in the World Cheerleading Championships.

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