Snack before prac(tice).
Have been very inactive here on the blog due to my deadlines in school, but the weekend is coming, so stay strong. :D

A present from me, to me!

Hi, and good evening. Before going to bed I want to show you the package I received today. Some of you might already know what it is, but not all of you so I'm gonna show you what's inside this holy box tomorrow. Until then, amigos!

Super healthy homemade nutella

I'm back with my recipe! As promised I'm going to share you my recipe, demonstrare how to make the super healthy nutella cream and and give you some tips and inspiration about how you can combine the cream. The reason behind why I came up with this is because I'm allergic to the original nutella since it contains hazelnuts. So I just came up with this replacement. And as I like to eat healthy, this became e healthier version of nutella as well.
What you'll need for this recipe:
Dates, cocoa powder and yoghurt/milk.
Things to have in mind: choose 100% clean unsweetened cocoa, fresh dates with no additives, and a plain, natural yoghurt. (It's up to you wheter you like to add milk or yoghurt and you choose the fat content in these).
The amount of ingridients for one porion is:
3 dates, 1 tablespoon yoghurt, 1 tablespoon cocoa powder.
Things to have in mind:
The proportions are based on what I like, if you would like to have a super stong chocolate flavor, then add more cocoa. If you would like to have it sweeter, add some dates. If you would like to have a creamy consistency, then you should add more yoghurt, etc. It's entirely up to you.
Step by step:
1. Remove the seeds from the dates, put them in a small cup and add the cocoa powder.
2. Mash and mix them together. Make sure you don't leave a dry spot of cocoa powder.
3. It should be kind of dry and smooth paste with after mixing these two together.
4. Add the yogurt to the mixture and blend it until it becomes evenly.
5. This is what it should look like when it's done.
Now when you have your super healthy homemade nutella you can start replacing the bad food with this. For example you can spread it on crackers. I like to take a few of them. And if you are a coconut freak like me, you can tear some coconut and sprinkle it on your crackers with this cream. It tastes just like bounty.
Other things you can do is to add it to your yoghurt, or spread in on a sandwich. Maybe you should try to make a cake of it, or just eat it as it is? Now when you have the recipe, you can experiment how much you want with it.
I made one with coconut, and one with only the cream. One tasted like Bounty, the other one like chocolate bisquits. It's also your choice to decide which cripsbread you want. I like wholemeal cripsbread made with rye flour.
And serve it as you want. Whether your favorite coffee, tea or just milk, like me.
If there are some things that you don't understand, ask me, and I'll answer to your questions!

Long time, no see

Hi! Even though it's midnight I'm still going. No sleep needed. ;)
Today I met my friend Sara, one of my friends from the International English School. It was quite a long time ago we met and we had a lot of fun today. Firstly, we had a lot of things to catch up with and also a lot of things that we planned for summer.
And sorry I forgot to share the recipe once again. Wait for tomorrow.
We took some pictures along the lake.
It was very beautiful.

15th of January

GOOD EVENING, my dear apples. :D
Let's just talk about today for one second. For this time I'm just going to talk, or write, about a regular day like today. I woke up in the morning(no, shit), and as I was so stressed and just about to miss the buss I decided to skip breakfast, but then I remembered that mum would probably get mad at me and therefore I made a sandwich to bring with me, and trust me, I invented the healthiest nutella in all time. It tastes JUST like the "real" nutella and it took me like one second. I didn't know that something so yummy could be so healthy! I'll share the recipe soon, but let me just take some pictures of it.
Today was a funny day at school and the weather was just on point. It was colder than the freaking Artctic is at night and the storm was just a bonus. As if that weren't enough, the hail whipped us til' we lost our sensibility in ours cheeks. Now the time has come when everyday is like the other, the period between winter and spring. I would give this period its own name, because it's neither winter nor spring. But yeah, whatever. At least I love the feeling when it's cold and windy outside and you can stay home in your bed reading books with candles to pep up the mood. Or just doing your goddamn homeworks. No, not goddamn, just kidding. I love doing homeworks, really. They keep me busy. And I somekind of like it, most of the time.
Oh, so why was the day funny as I said? Because we had P.E today, which is my favorite subject in school. I am a bit clumsy when it comes to ball sports, like today's handball, because I have no idea of what I'm supposed to do most of the time, I'm just running around with my friends trying to score a goal, it's actually very funny, and I know it seems like I'm not very serious or responsible, but I can't stop laughing. Idk why I'm laughing actually. It has become like a problem for me, laughing so often that sometimes I just can't control it. Can you imagine what I looked like today?
And today is also a good day because it's a whole new day. A new day to replace your negativity with positivity, to laugh, play, create good vibes and simply enjoy life. ;D
I have lack of photos and as I haven't shared my first real drawing I might as well do it now.
I'm not even going to explain myself since this is my first "real" drawing. Bye. ;)


Good evening! Today I had my first practice of the year apart from the cheercamp I attended. The practice wasn't the most gentle, least said. But hey, that's a kickstart and it's good for us even though it ripped the hell out of us. I really feel like "I'm done!" and all I want for now is to bury myself in my blankets and sleep tight like a baby. And I will do so.
Don't forget to follow my team under the name @gcolynx on instagram to see videos and photos from our practices, and most interesting: competitions!
This is pictures from a video on instagram after today's practice. Goodnight.

Cheer Wintercamp 2015

Good morning people! Well, it's not exactly morning now, but since it's still holidays for me I'm gonna stick to the morning. I felt paralyzed when I woke up this morning after the two days at Cheer Wintercamp. Those two days of cheer and cheer only were perfect! I had so much fun practicing cheer and meeting friends, and I learned a lot of new skills. I'm so happy about that! I could live my entire life like that: waking up in the morning, going to cheerpractice, and coming home in the evening with the satisfied feeling.
The reason I got a diploma was because everybody at the camp were supposed to set a goal for themselves as they were expected to manage, and I set a goal that was beyond my limits, anyhow for only two days, I thought. But I also thought that if I would reach for the stars, maybe I would at least come to the tree top. So, at the end of the first day I reached my goal! I guess my coaches liked that, and decided to give me a reward.
This is the justification translated to English:
"Best fighter
You have during these two days proved that you never give up or stop fighting. Your passion and presence stood out and therefore we want to pay attention to it. Never lose your fighting spirit, it will take you far!"
As a prize I got this big soap from Lush. It smells heavenly, makes my skin so smooth(Yes, I have already used it! ;)) And hey, it's from Lush for god's sake!

Thank you!

Now the Cheerleading Wintercamp is over and I came home with a diploma, a prize and a big freaking smile. Thanks for this time. :D
I know these pictures have ridiculously bad quality, but I took them with my webcam(and my webcam has the same capabilities as a potato to photograph) after coming home from the camp. Tomorrow I'll show you my diploma in good quality and tell you a little about the camp. Until then, friends. ;)

Still Christmas for me

Hola amigos! Have you noticed that recent times I have started to post at night? No worries about that, as soon as school starts I will probably not post at all. No, of course I will, but not this often so take advantage of this while you can. :D
Today I woke up by the noise of a big, heavy item getting carried into our little apartment by my mum and Nastassia(my cousin's wife). I heard noises of them laughing and how they thudded against all possible walls. I became curious and went out to see what it was, and it was a two meter long packade with my new table in it. Well, that was just another xmas gift that probably was a little late. ;) But the table.. AHH, I LOVE IT! I'll show you it tomorrow. :D After that we built up the table I went out with Sonyaa, my best friend who I haven't seen for so long! We went to Espresso House and to the cinema to finally watch the awaited movie "Mockingjay Part 1". I also got a late xmas gift from Sonyaa, not only from mum, so it's still christmas time here with me. ;) I got a candle that smells like cinnamon! Now my entire room smells like cinnamon, I love it!
For the next time I'll need to read the book first! I have already read all of the Hunger Games books, but it was more than a year ago so I didn't even remember much of the story. I like to read the book before watching the movie, I usually do that, but this time it just flew out of my mind for some reason. Last time when I watched Cathing Fire which is the second part of the Hunger Games story I read the book just like a month before watching the movie, and then I had so much to discuss, but now it was like, eh. ;)

Freetime overload

Is causing crazy things to happen! By crazy I mean in a good way. I just caught myself drawing, and I really enjoyed it even though my drawing is not very good, haha. Well, I can only get away with it if I'd tell you that I haven't been drawing since 5th grade. Yep, that's a good excuse. ;)
But really, can't we all just drop out of school? I understand why Einstein became what he became. He dropped out of school and had a lot of freetime doing the things that he was interested of. I hope that today's stress that we get of school will be settled, someday, in the future. I don't even want to think of how, hahah. ;p
Okay. I really think I have found my main problem, I mean, it always feels like something is missing. Not always actually, not when I am around with the people I love, but generally. I think I need more of this. Freetime, doing what ever the f*ck I want to. (Sorry, I just wanted to express it so bad, ;D) And not only freetime, I need time to be with myself. I like being alone, not always, but for the most. But I can save the plans for the future sometime, let's just stay in the present. :D
At first I was just sitting in my room doing some crafts for a painting that I will soon frame and hang up on my wall, but for some unknown reason I started to draw. I had an idea of what I wanted to draw. I wanted to draw a cheerleader doing a toetouch, and that toetouch would represent my toetouch so I would get reminded that I can do better than that. And so it ended. I drew a cheerleader doing a toetouch with slightly bent knees, just as mine are when I'm doing a toe. And also as Tyra Banks would call it, "neckless monster". The fact is that I am always tilting my head a little bit forward when doing toes, and the result is "a neckles monster".
And no, it's not finished yet. As you can see there are a lot of sharp lines. They will be removed. Goodnight! :*


Evelina Kholod is my name and I'm 16 years old. I was born in Belarus and came to Sweden as a 3 year old. I have also lived in Norway, and in several other cities in Sweden. Throughout my childhood I have moved from one city to another. In my spare time I train cheerleading, which is my biggest love right now. In this blog I write about what I have on the heart, especially fashion and cheerleading. I dream of traveling around the world, and compete in the World Cheerleading Championships.

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